See Jane Do

I'm passionate about uncomplicating the complicated to immediately appeal to the beating heart of your audience. I do this by simplifying your marketing challenges into an easy to digest step-by-step framework that will engage your audiences.

My background is in strategy development, content development, product/brand marketing, and digital campaigns. I apply my experience of using streamlined processes from working at corporations, to the scrappiness required to get work done at startups, nonprofits, and small businesses.

At this point in my career, I market what I believe in or care about. Usually this means my clients working for the social good - and doing good happens to be good for business, too. Good is the new black.

I apply roaring resourcefulness, astonishing productivity instincts, and jaw-dropping proactive collaboration skills with teams, communities, donors, sponsors, and partners to drive alignment, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Where to Begin

A great first step is an assessment of your brand, marketing efforts, or sales strategies to uncover new opportunities or for areas of optimization. Request a complimentary call so I can share my ideas about your marketing challenge.